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m/a-com technology solutions inc. (m/a-com tech), a leading supplier of high performance analog semiconductor solutions, announced a new transmit/receive module driver ic which provides 6-bit serial/parallel logic control and t/r switch control for multifunction t/r modules. 

the madr-010410 is an efficient cmos driver and ideal for logic control of gaas based t/r modules as well as a 6-bit s/p driver for attenuators or phase shifters. high speed analog cmos technology is utilized to achieve low power consumption at moderate to high speeds.

the madr-010410 boasts low power dissipation and translates cmos/lvcmos input controls to negative gate control voltages for gaas fets. packaged in a 5 mm 40-lead pqfn, the cmos driver allows a high output voltage of -0.1 v and a low output voltage of 0.1 v. the quiescent supply current stands at 0.1 µa.

“our cmos driver solution works well with highly integrated multi-function t/r modules,” said kevin harrington, a&d product marketing manager. “it offers multiple control functions for phase shifters, digital attenuators, switches, and amplifiers.” 

the table below outlines typical performance:







output high voltage (an or bn)



output low voltage (an or bn)


vee 0.1

quiescent supply current



input leakage current



l, p ports open-drain output resistance





5 mm 40-lead pqfn

production quantities and samples of madr-010410 are available from stock. final datasheets and additional product information can be obtained from the m/a-com tech website at: www.macomtech.com.

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