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▼ dc-18ghz, broad bandwidth ▼ input power up to 4000w ▼ air line,microstripline,stripline structure choice ▼ low loss, high reliability ▼ rohs compliance ▼ custom designs available. dual directional couplers are one kind of rf four-port device and general standard device in microwave measurement, as well as crucial device of reflectometer and rf network analyzer, they are used to supervise and control transmitter's output power and output spectrum,test reflected power from transmitter to antenna, monitor the matched condition of antenna feeder system. they are also taken as a power meter together with detector or level indicator.

no. model number average power(w) frequency range(ghz) ins. loss(db) coupling value(db) directivity(db) mainline vswr connector type picture
 1  ddto-2500/2700-10  50  2.5-2.7  ≤1.4  10±0.5  ≥18  ≤1.20  n   
 2  ddto serial  50-1500  0.11-8  ≤0.8  20-50  ≥17  ≤1.5  n,7/16   
 3  ddto-1-40  100  0.001-1  ≤1  30-40  ≥18  ≤1.25  n,sma   
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